A desktop 16mm contact printer made for CNC/laser cutting and 3D printing
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contact printer

A desktop 16mm contact printer and film transport platform made using 3D printing and aluminum extrusion.


Developed with support from Filmwerkplaats at WORM and SPECTRAL.

Special thanks to Esther Urlus, Hrvoje Spudić and Nan Wang.

Magnetic clutch design inspired by Clyde Shaffer's Shaffer Linear Processor.

Project Home: git.sixteenmillimeter.com/16mm/contact_printer



This contact printer is designed to make 16mm prints using affordable electronics and 3D printing. It is not intended as a replacement for professional printers like the Bell & Howell Model C. This project is for DIY filmmakers, independent artists and small film labs to have a machine that can produce reasonable-quality work prints with a small footprint on short lengths of film easily.

contact printer render