Small-gauge film optical printer platform

Updated 1 day ago

Arduino-based intervalometer for Bolex 16mm camera

Updated 3 weeks ago

Arduino library for controlling stepper motors with the ITEAD Studio Dual Step Shield.

Updated 1 month ago

A desktop 16mm contact printer made for CNC/laser cutting and 3D printing

Updated 3 months ago

A free and open-source processing system for 16mm and Super8 film

Updated 6 months ago

Raspberry Pi-based intervalometer for Bolex 16mm camera

Updated 6 months ago

Software for controlling the Analogue Hyperlapse Camera created by Crater-Lab in collaboration with Mono No Aware and KLUBVIZIJA.

Updated 6 months ago

This repository contains the McopySerial Arduino library for interacting with https://git.sixteenmillimeter.com/16mm/mcopy.git

Updated 6 months ago

Scripts and templates for making filmless analog films using free open-source software.

Updated 6 months ago

3D models for 16mm standards

Updated 9 months ago

Alternative intervalometer for early model Bolex cameras

Updated 12 months ago

Reproduction of Dennis Couzin's 1983 work on optical printing. Derived from a scan in a PDF.

Updated 1 year ago

Interweave frames of videos together into flicker films

Updated 2 years ago

Deployment repository of sixteenmillimeter.com, contains all compiled assets.

Updated 2 years ago

A web-based interface for mcopy optical printers using the Serial APIs available in Javascript. Entirely client-side, built with Typescript.

Updated 2 years ago