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mcopy desktop app

  1. Installation


The mcopy desktop app can be either installed from a binary (on macOS) or built from source on any platform that supports node.js and Electron apps.


Once node is installed (see below for platform-specific instructions) open your terminal application and enter the following commands:

git clone
cd mcopy/app
npm install

That's it. Once the npm install process is complete, the app can be launched with:

npm start

If you are interested in running in dev mode, simply use:

npm run dev


Installing node.js on macOS

The node.js runtime can be easily installed on macOS if you already have Homebrew. Simply install node.js with the command:

brew install node

If you're not using Homebrew, you can also install it from the node.js website.


Installing node.js on Linux

See this helpful document from the node.js Foundation about installing node.js from different package managers. This will provide more detailed instructions about distro-specific dependencies for node.js and the different packages available. Use a more current version of node, if available. At the time of this writing, development is taking place on node.js version 9.7.1.

Arduino firmware

It's recommended that on linux distributions, you have the Arduino IDE installed for debugging and to ensure that your system serial permissions are configured to communicate with the Arduino devices.

Binary installation

When installing from the pre-built .deb package, you may have to locate the package after installation using the following command:

dpkg -L mcopy-app

In the output, you should see an item like /usr/lib/mcopy-app/mcopy which is the binary that contains the desktop app. I will improve the Linux build process, but will also accept any PRs which improve it as well.


Installing node.js on Windows

Install node.js on Windows using one of their many install options.