Notes about ADMesh (--help output).

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admesh --help
ADMesh version 0.98.4
Copyright (C) 1995, 1996 Anthony D. Martin
Usage: admesh [OPTION]... file
--x-rotate=angle Rotate CCW about x-axis by angle degrees
--y-rotate=angle Rotate CCW about y-axis by angle degrees
--z-rotate=angle Rotate CCW about z-axis by angle degrees
--xy-mirror Mirror about the xy plane
--yz-mirror Mirror about the yz plane
--xz-mirror Mirror about the xz plane
--scale=factor Scale the file by factor (multiply by factor)
--translate=x,y,z Translate the file to x, y, and z
--merge=name Merge file called name with input file
-e, --exact Only check for perfectly matched edges
-n, --nearby Find and connect nearby facets. Correct bad facets
-t, --tolerance=tol Initial tolerance to use for nearby check = tol
-i, --iterations=i Number of iterations for nearby check = i
-m, --increment=inc Amount to increment tolerance after iteration=inc
-u, --remove-unconnected Remove facets that have 0 neighbors
-f, --fill-holes Add facets to fill holes
-d, --normal-directions Check and fix direction of normals(ie cw, ccw)
--reverse-all Reverse the directions of all facets and normals
-v, --normal-values Check and fix normal values
-c, --no-check Don't do any check on input file
-b, --write-binary-stl=name Output a binary STL file called name
-a, --write-ascii-stl=name Output an ascii STL file called name
--write-off=name Output a Geomview OFF format file called name
--write-dxf=name Output a DXF format file called name
--write-vrml=name Output a VRML format file called name
--help Display this help and exit
--version Output version information and exit
The functions are executed in the same order as the options shown here.
So check here to find what happens if, for example, --translate and --merge
options are specified together. The order of the options specified on the
command line is not important.